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       Southland Mega Groove is a Southern California 5 (to 11) - piece band with versatile vocalists that also have incredible musicianship. Kim sings everything from smooth ballads to gritty rock-n-roll, and the guys have great harmonies, each of whom also sing various rock tunes of all decades to round out a great show! All members are well seasoned and down to earth performers that will warm your heart and rock your socks off! They're fun, professional, creative, and Mega co-operative to suit your needs. Clients rave about the band after virtually every event! Be sure to check out their reviews in various locations on the web. They're super-tight, since the core of the band has been together nearly 20 years. Everyone will love the atmosphere created by the music that will fill the evening air!
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     Kim Woolford carries all the female vocals, high harmony parts and more, and plays a variety of percussion instruments throughout the show. Kim's super-smooth voice flows through ballads with grace and emotion, giving spine-chilling effects. But don't let that fool you... she can belt out the rock like no other Benatar or Joplin can! And she can work the crowd, keeping them on their toes all night! ("Dancing" toes if you're up to it!) 
     Randy Woolford brings to life the lead and rythm guitar, as well as vocals. His chops are tasteful and accurate to the original, but when he adds his own flavor, get out the BBQ sauce! His tone is full, rich and easy to enjoy. Randy is a seasoned musician who has performed in the spotlight both locally and abroad, touring the world with the likes of The Young Dubliners. It's quite an honor to share the stage with him. He can play anything, and does!
     Dan Hill supports the low end on bass guitar and vocals. He's part of the "Groove" of SMG. Like Kim, he can sing rich, smooth Mayer ballads to rockin' Rogers style tunes, giving incredible versatility with his female-range background vocals. (But he's still all man!) Kim likes to call him "Jack Black"... no doubt he's been to the School of Rock! He's been doing it for ** years now, and still doing it well! (only with the proper techniques)
     Dan Haley is an incredibly talented keyboardist-guitarist-vocalist that plays rythm guitar as well as all the non-guitar instruments you hear. He sounds so authentic, he's been accused of using tracks for horns, strings, synth, sax, banjo... but no fraud here! He's the real deal... if you hear it, he's playing it on one or both of his keys (without trax)! His lower vocal range allows him to handle unmistakable "Low Rider" and "La Grange" solos, as well as Snoop Dog, Mike Shinoda and other raps as required. Dan is the "Papa" of the band, but he's not the oldest! (Our lips are sealed.)
     Joey Leon is the platform this band builds on. As an accomplished drummer/percussionist and pro performer for decades, he is the true backbone of the aforementioned SMG "Groove". His solid downbeat and tasty accents are  equalled by none, save the originals (or not?). Depth and consistency are never lacking with Joey at the helm. Whether it's jazz, pop, funk, disco, alternative or just plain rock-n-roll, he's always right there when and where you need him! He's worth his weight in gold, but we know you cant afford that! (Not today anyway!) Hey, his cymbals look gold... look and LISTEN, but don't touch!
Southland Mega Groove uses Fender, Gibson, Marshall, Ampeg, Line-6, Yamaha, Behringer, Ensonic, Shure, Mackie, QSC, Klipsche, Boss, Paiste, Zildjian, and Peace Drums.


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This band is fantastic!!!

I can't say enough great things about The Southland Mega Groove Band. With just 3 weeks left before our event, our original band backed out, and we scrambled to find a replacement. That is when we found The Southland Mega Groove Band. Dan responded to my messages right away and just like that, we were back on track. Our event was unique, in that we wanted music to cover 7 decades (from the 1950's to today) in medley form. With no hesitation, the band took the list of songs we came up with and wrote the medleys to fit our vision. And they were absolutely amazing! From Elvis Presley, to Queen, to Journey, to Katy Perry - this band can do it all! The Southland Mega Groove Band made our event a wonderful success, and they will do the same for you!

  • Reviewer: Ashley Billingsley
  • Event Date: October 8th, 2016
  • Services Provided: Cover Band
  • Rating: 5 out of 5
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I am sending this on to you and the band because we don't get a lot of these kinds of emails.

'I'm a recent member of the Baby Boomers Club and a 3 month resident of Laguna Woods and really wanted to say that the band [Southland Mega Groove] Saturday night was phenomenal!!! The music selection and the musical talent of the band were just great. They played one terrific song after another. No one wanted to leave the dance floor! Please say "job well done" to [the coordinator] Leon. He outdid himself on this one!'
We are having an event committee meeting. We will re-book you again. I have been involved in booking bands for years and seen every band the club has booked. Southland Mega Groove is the best band we have booked!.......
Thanks from the Club and me for making it a great evening!

  • Rating: 5 out of 5
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